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AI Platform to automate the building control process

A building permit is required for building construction, alteration, demolition, or change in use. A permit is granted by a local, regional, or national authority, if the building project complies with the planning and building regulation law as well as with all other applicable laws (e.g., environmental laws). This constitutes the building control process. Building and planning regulations will become more important in years to come, as both new and existing building stock must adjust to new policies and regulations, e.g., decarbonisation of building fabric and operations and user-centric and health-conscious space design.  


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​​​​​​Case Study - Supply Chain Operations Platform to create operational visibility and value.

SUKA is a digital platform solution that could be customised to fit with any supply chain. The case study context presented here, is however of a construction material supply chain. The objective was to connect and align the customer with the internal value chains of a vertically integrated organisation.   


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Are your business value chains suffering from bottlenecks? Do you want to create or scale a new revenue stream? Do you have clear operating visibility of your business value chains?